Life can be tough, not everything goes our way. Things go wrong, people get hurt and we even lose people we love.

How do we become resilient enough to keep going? We can’t stop things going wrong, or people getting hurt or even losing our loved ones, we often can’t control or influence any of these things. The only thing we can influence is our internal world. Let’s face it, we aren’t in charge of world events!!

Sometimes winning is losing, sometimes losing is winning. Maybe that setback you experience is preparation for the next step forward. Maybe the challenges we are facing are shaping the person we are meant to be.

Would it be fair to say that if you set out to avoid setbacks you avoid life? Food for thought! Life would be easier but its fair to say it would probably be boring.

To avoid what you consider bad or wrong assumes you know implicitly what is bad and wrong.

Is there right and wrong or is there just life? Life is life! Are there just different experiences?

We don’t know until it’s done what is and not until its done can we judge.

Stuff happens all the time.

Anyone can do drama!

People who display character and trust handle setbacks and keep going!

How? I hear you ask!

Be there for others – show up…… Every. Single. Time

Take setbacks and successes calmly – life is life, every experience shapes us.

Keep two feet on the ground, stay grounded. Don’t reach such dizzying heights that if you need to come down the descent is too steep.

The moment will pass but you will keep going, how you show up will determine how far you go.

Action is often required to move forward but sometimes we just need acceptance. Acceptance that life is life and stuff happen’ s that we can’t control. Life goes on!

Through conscious awareness we make the choices that move us forward.

Outstanding individuals are the ones that handle the situation when it gets tough.

You handle it the way you handle life.

Quitting is to fail, don’t justify quitting, find a way to move forward.

Justify action- action is progress.