Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a collaborative relationship between a coach and a coaching client, with the primary intention of facilitating desired changes for the client.

- International Coach Guild

Coaching can help with:

Understanding and training your brain for effective decision making

Decision making

Improve relationships in your work and personal life with the guidance of a life coach

Improved relationships at work and in your personal life

A life coach can help you set goals and achieve them

Goal setting and determination – overcoming problems

Guidance from associate member of the International Coach Guild

Accredited Life Coach offering Best Practices

There are lots of operators with varying degrees of skills and experience, when it comes to life coaching, the industry is moving towards a more regulated framework with formal training and accreditation.

Sue is proud to be an Accredited, Professional Master Coach through The Coaching Institute and a member of the International Coach Guild. Offering clients industry best practices is a priority to Sue.

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Guidance from associate member of the International Coach Guild
2019 Member - Professional Coach

Common questions about Coaching

Question about life coaching

Who is coaching ideal for?

Anyone who wants to work towards improving any aspect of their life.

Question about life coaching

Is life coaching only for those times in life when you’re lost or struggling?

Absolutely not! Although it can help to refocus and get you back on track when you’re struggling, coaching can be a wonderful way to supercharge and already successful career, or to encourage yourself on to that next exciting personal or relationship challenge.
Question about life coaching

Am I locked in to coaching if I just want to give it a try?

Absolutely not. You can book in for one session, find out what it’s all about and decide from there.

Even better than that, we have a free 15-minute discovery session if you’re interested in coaching but still a little uncertain.

Question about life coaching

What are the confidentiality laws around coaching?

An ICG life coach is bound by legal confidentiality requirements and each Coaching client will enter a coaching agreement protecting your interests before we start.
Question about life coaching

My 17 or 18 year old has lost perspective with all the pressure they’re under. Are they old enough for life coaching?

They sure are, and Sue would love to help. There are so many decisions to make (or attempt to avoid making) at this stage of life, Should I leave school for an apprenticeship or traineeship? Should I do my HSC? Is it really worth completing year 12? Will I miss out on uni if I mess up in one subject? How do I decide what to do with my entire future?

This can be a daunting time where over achievers may become blindsided and quieter kids may even just crack from the pressure and give up all together. There are decisions to make about where and how to live when school finishes, career, relationship and lifestyle choices that can all become jumbled into one big ball of fear and confusion. Not only is Sue a talented Life-coach, but her experience as a mother, businesswoman and health professional of nearly 30 years has equipped her to help youth and young adults try and make sense of the chaos, emerging with a sense of clarity and control over their choices.

Question about life coaching

Do you only offer private sessions?

We can coach one-on-one, or facilitate larger groups for things like team building exercises, behavioural profiling workshops and small-group professional development and mentoring programs.
Question about life coaching

Could coaching help with health and or weight loss?

If your struggle with weight, smoking, alcohol and drug use is based around self-esteem issues, motivation or strength of character – YES coaching can be a valuable part of your support network. (Nb. Coaching should never take the place of a medical practitioner)
Question about life coaching

Why wouldn’t I see a psychologist instead of a Life Coach?

Life coaching is about putting you in control of choosing your path, taking accountability and forming healthy life habits. You don’t need to be going through terrible times or have any type of a diagnosis to see a life coach. Life coaching is about maximising your potential. We would never minimise the work of psychologists and do not see ourselves as a replacement.

What clients say about life coaching

"I would like to thank Sue for her awesome coaching, she showed insight and directed me to the core of my problem, through her understanding and questioning I reached a realisation that turned things around for me. I felt very supported and nurtured in my vulnerability, I would recommend her to anyone who wanted coaching in any area of their life."

- RN, October 2019