Inspirational speaking

Sue Gilroy is a reputable and empathetic life and business coachcoach
“I’m Passionate about inspiring positive growth and unlocking the buried possibilities within us all”

If your organisation is in need of a gentle nudge in the right direction, a guide to get everyone on the same page, someone to help break down the blocks that are limiting individual and group potential, or you want them leaving energised and inspired to make positive changes, motivational speaking can be a very effective tool to achieve all of these things.

Not just a gun for hire, it’s important to Sue that there is an alignment of values between your organisation, your goals and what she stands for.

Some of the things that Sue is passionate about inspiring include:


Creating Confidence


Empowered decision making


Female Empowerment


Goal setting


Business growth


Rural & regional development


Addressing feelings of shame, fear, change, limitations and finding inner truth

If you feel there may be a values alignment between your business, school, or community organisation and Sue, why not book a free 15-minute virtual coffee to chat and explore the synergies further.

“My recent experience standing for public office highlighted to me how much I love influencing people for positive change through motivational speaking. The bigger the platform to reach community, the greater the changes I can help effect.

Older women, particularly in regional areas, are all too often written off as being out of touch and past their potential. My recent experience as a 62-year-old woman standing for public office, has thoroughly demonstrated, that with the right attitude, tools and support we can all achieve things that are out of our regular comfort zone. With just 6 weeks of campaigning and no prior experience I came 3rd in a very tight race. Even without winning, the exposure that I was able to bring to our local regional needs resulted in around 300 million dollars-worth of funding being channelled to much-needed areas. If I can inspire that sort of change within the political arena in just 6 weeks, imagine what I can inspire within your organisation!"

What clients say about Sue Gilroy

"If you are ready to grow professionally or personally, I highly recommend booking in with Sue. Her advice and guidance is now engrained in my daily life and the benefits are exponential."

Sue’s Inspirational Speaking can be backed up by one-to-one Coaching sessions, complimented by behavioural profiling & team building, or used on its own to inspire groups to meet their potential.